Police Department

The Camden Police Department’s purpose is to improve the quality of life in the City of Camden by providing responsive, efficient, quality public service that promotes the self-sufficiency, well being and prosperity of citizens, employees, business and our community.

The members of this department are also committed to serve, protect and promote a safe community, and we take great pride in keeping our residents and visitors safe by providing professional police services through community partnerships.  They understand that a successful law enforcement organization is one that proactively seeks the community’s help to prevent and solve crime.

The Camden Police Department actively engages the citizens of the community through programs such as a Neighborhood Watch Programs, Citizen Police Academies, and more.

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Animal Control

Animal Control is responsible for enforcing the animal control laws and statutes concerning the humane treatment of animals and the city leash laws and vicious dog act.  They operate the City Pound according to the state laws.  Dogs can be adopted from the pound under certain conditions which are described on the Adoption page of this website.  The Animal Control is available for school or community presentations concerning laws and safety when dealing with dogs in the city of Camden.


Shauna Long

Fire Department

The Camden Fire Department serves the city of Camden and the surrounding area.

The motto, “to save life and property” states the essential purpose of the Camden Fire Department’s ever evolving mission. The department physically protects from danger the people of Camden by performing firefighting and lifesaving functions with a high degree of skill and professionalism, and it is to these persons that the department is ultimately responsible.

Often because there are no other public or private agencies available, the public relies upon the Fire Department for assistance and advice in the many routine and emergency situations which develop. We are called on regularly to respond to incidents where saving lives, aiding the injured, locating lost persons and other miscellaneous needs are the basic public services rendered by the Department.

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Code Red Weather Warning


The CodeRed Weather Warning is a unique service that automatically calls citizens in the Camden area in the path of severe weather just moments after a warning has been issued y the National Weather Service. This limited CodeRed Weather Warning subscription is available to everyone at no additional cost.

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Open Burning Permits

Did you know that an open burn permit is required for the open burning of yard waste within the city limits? It’s true! The good news is that open burning permits are completely free! That’s right FREE. Call the Fire Department’s non-emergency number, 836-2413 for more information.