This position answers directly to the Mayor and is responsible for performing work unusually difficult at a high level of staff capacity. Regularly undertakes complete responsibility for special projects and areas, with only very general policy guidelines from the Mayor. This individual is the Mayor's principal assistant and is responsible for administration details, particularly budgeting, personnel, public information, and public relations. The range of duties is as wide as the City Administration and is carried out through general and specific delegation by the Mayor. They are responsible for planning, organizing, managing, directing, and overseeing the day-to-day operations. They conduct research and analysis on various issues and topics affecting the City, providing recommendations for solutions and courses of action using sound, expert judgment. Responsibilities for this role are broad in scope and require a high degree of political acumen and administrative discretion. They are expected to exercise considerable discretion in carrying out responsibilities independently and with awareness of City, department, office, and constituent issues and sensitivities. They are often assigned duties and responsibilities involving a wide range of complexity, authority, impact, visibility, and independence. They must understand current and future trends/practices in the administrative area of responsibility, regulatory and governing standards, policies, and procedures. They should also know the information systems and software used and the equipment used in performing assigned duties throughout the City. They should be a subject matter expert in the interviewing and selection process and understand budgeting, staffing, payroll, and purchasing processes. They must implement competency, feedback, development, and progressive discipline processes proficiently. They also seek out, write to, and manage grant applications and awards.

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Chief of Staff

The City Clerk’s office maintains all official records of the city; responds to citizen requests; receives candidate and initiative petitions and coordinates city elections; records the proceedings of Council meetings; provides guidance to departments in drafting of resolutions and ordinances; codifies and publishes city ordinances; performs other duties/responsibilities as directed by the Mayor and City Council. The primary purpose of this department is to 1) deliver quality essential services in a cost effective, timely manner; and 2) help make City government more accessible by keeping citizens better informed of the effectiveness of City services.

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Donna Stewart, City Clerk
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City Clerk