Sanitation Department

Contact Information

Sanitation Superintendent: James Alford
Sanitation/Disposal Supervisor: Hershel Frazier
Phone: (870) 837-5573  Cell: (870) 818-5798
Fax: (870) 836-3369

The Sanitation Department provides refuse, recyclables, yard trimming collection and many other related services to the residents of Camden. Each week customers receive the following curb-side service: trash collection, bulk items pickup, tree-limb collection and leaf collection.

The Sanitation Department provides for the collection and processing of commercial and residential waste throughout the City of Camden (excludes East Camden).

The Sanitation Department is responsible for all Sanitation employees, the waste disposal contract, and management of the City’s Transfer Station. Administration of these responsibilities includes the management of all customer service programs including, yard waste collection, commercial and residential waste collections. For information on holiday waste collection schedules, contact the Sanitation Department.

For trash bags, please go to the Camden Technology Building at 625 Adams Street.

Transfer Station Operation

Contact Information

Phone: (870) 837-5573

The City of Camden operates a Transfer Station for disposal of municipal waste in Camden. Both private haulers and the general public can use the facility for the disposal of municipal waste. Cash, check or approved charge accounts only. No Credit Cards accepted. The Transfer Station provides for efficient and safe handling of waste and refuse for the City of Camden.

Residential Waste

The City of Camden provides residential trash collection to all residences in the city limits. The City is divided into five (5) sections and routes are collected Monday through Friday. Route times for collections begin as early as 7:00 am for trash and yard waste collection. Please have your trash and yard waste out by these times to be collected. If a resident requires a second garbage cart, there is a $7.00 per month charge and the garbage cart must be kept for a minimum of three (3) months. To report a problem with your residential refuse not being picked up, wheels off cart or other Sanitation Department related questions, please click here.

In cases of inclement weather please check the website or local radio station or newspaper for schedule changes. For more information on your scheduled trash pickup day, please contact the Sanitation Department.

Commercial Waste

The City of Camden’s Sanitation Department provides for the collection of commercial trash within the City of Camden.

No person, except a duly authorized agent or employee of the city, shall empty garbage or trash receptacles, or convey or transport garbage or trash on the streets or public thoroughfares of the city, without a written contract with the City.

For more information on Commercial services please contact the Sanitation Department.

Yard Waste Program

Camden offers a weekly (each Wednesday) curbside special pick-up service to residents as an environmentally conscious means for disposing of yard waste. The City collects yard waste in the form of grass, leaves and brush.

Currently a state law bans yard waste from disposal in Arkansas landfills. The City encourages all citizens to participate in some form of yard waste reuse, whether it is this program, back yard composting, or the use of a mulching lawn mower. Properly prepared yard waste, household garbage and recyclable materials will all be collected from single family residences.

If you have any questions about your yard waste collections, please contact the Sanitation Department.

Collection Regulations:

  1. Yard waste and household trash are all collected.

  2. All yard waste must be placed within five (5) feet of the curb. Please do not place yard waste closer than three (3) feet from your trash cart.

  3. All grass clippings and leaves must be bagged. There is no limit on bags that can be placed out at the curb.

  4. All brush must be in a pile and not greater than six (6) feet in length. No limb shall be greater than six (6) inches in diameter or longer than six (6) feet in length.

  5. No paper bags or tied bundles shall weigh more than fifty (50) pounds.

  6. No bag of yard waste shall contain dirt, trash, rocks, flower pots, etc.

  7. All yard waste and brush must be placed at the curb for collection.

  8. This program is limited to the residential sector and does not include commercial accounts, or residents who use dumpsters.

Yard Waste Drop-Off

During spring of each year, many City residents and businesses will prune or cut down vegetation. If the diameter of the vegetation is less than 6 inches you can dispose of them at the City of Camden’s landfill Site. City of Camden residents are able to drop yard waste at no charge during normal operating hours at the Transfer Station.

Bagged Leaves

City residents and businesses are responsible for bagging leaves and placing them curbside for pickup instead of raking them into the street. Debris deposited into the street can clog drains which can result in potential flooding issues.

Additional Services

To schedule a pick-up at your home please contact Public Works.

Special Pick-up Collection: Residential Curbside Service

To arrange for a special pickup at your residence, please call the Public Works main office on Mondays of each week.  Special pickups are generally performed on Wednesdays of each week; however due to unforeseen occurrences, such as storms, et cetera these services may not occur on Wednesdays. In the event of damage from storms and inclement weather, the Special Pickup service may be delayed due to clean up services being performed throughout the city. There is no limit of items for the City of Camden’s Special Pickup Service. The rates for special pickups are as follows: $10.00 for the first ten (10) minutes and .75 cents per minute thereafter and the charges are added to your water bill.

Bulk Household

Includes: Mattress, box spring, chair, couch, love seat, microwave, doll house, large childrens toys, baby crib, hot tub cover, artificial Christmas tree, baby stroller, luggage, end table, outdoor lawn furniture, sink or tub (excluding cast iron), desk, wood frames or doors (no glass), wooden swing set, and entertainment center.

Excludes: Building/construction/remodeling materials, railroad ties, tree stumps, car seats, cast iron tubs and sinks, cardboard boxes full of debris or packing paper, treated lumber, car engines, carpet, trash bags, and any hazardous materials.

Bulk Metal

Includes: Washer, dryer, dishwasher, trash compactor, bicycles, exercise equipment, hot water heaters, bed frames, box spring (without material), car parts, tables, guttering, tillers, fencing (must be rolled and tied), mailboxes and poles (all concrete must be removed), swing sets, BBQ Grill, lawnmower, weed eaters, and old metal trash cans (must be empty).

Excludes: All Freon appliances and parts. This applies to all units that still have or have had the Freon compressors removed, no exceptions.

Bulk Brush

Includes: Brush and Tree bulk with a maximum of 6 feet in length and 6 inches in diameter. There is a no limit of truck size loads.

Excludes: Sod, sludge, railroad ties, food waste, rock, plastic bags, and dirt.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Place out no more than 12 hours prior to collection.

  2. Items must be placed out by 6:00 a.m. on the day of collection.

  3. Items must be placed within three (3) feet of the curbside, no alleys or side streets please. We will not collect materials directly from inside your home.

  4. Do not place directly under power lines or tree limbs.

  5. Do not place within four (4) feet of stationary structures or any other object or collection materials on the ground.

  6. Please do not block the right-of-way in streets, sidewalks, or in ditch lines.

  7. Please place material on the ground adjacent to the curb.

  8. Only items placed at curbside and scheduled will be removed, we are not responsible for any materials left at curbside not intended for removal or that has not been scheduled.

  9. We are not allowed to drive on to your property, so please be sure to follow guidelines as above.

  10. Residents must sort the three service types – household, metal or limbs/brush. Categories cannot be mixed.

Exemption Program: Disabled Persons

The Camden City Code provides that certain disabled persons meeting uniform requirements, will be provided with house to curb service at the rate for curbside collection service. In order to qualify for the exemption program, a city resident must be able to provide documentation from a qualified physician proving that they are physically handicapped to the extent that they are substantially impaired from being able to transport household garbage and recycling from their residence to the designated place for collection at the curb, street, or alleyway.

There must also be no one residing at that address over the age of twelve (12) years, who would be able to transport such waste from their residence to the designated place for collection.

If you are a resident who qualifies for this service, and if you wish to apply for the program, please contact the Sanitation Department and an application form will be sent to you. If you wish to print out a copy of the application form please click here. You may mail the completed application along with copies of the required documentation, to the address below:

Contact Information

James Alford, Superintendent
City of Camden
Attn: Sanitation Department
769 Adams Avenue SW
Camden, AR 71701

After the application is received and has been processed; a City of Camden representative will contact you and inform you of your exemption status.