The City of Camden, Arkansas is chartered under the Statues of the State of Arkansas and is organized under the Mayor-Aldermanic form of government.  This form of government combines a citizen policy making council with a Mayor administrator to assure efficient and responsible conduct of community affairs.  Also, this form of government is designed to be more responsive to citizens’ concerns.

Mayor’s Office

Mayor Charlotte Young

The Mayor is Chief Executive Officer of the city and Conservator of its peace.   Accordingly, the Mayor has and exercises the power conferred on Sheriffs, within the city limits, to suppress disorder and keep the peace.

Mayor Young was elected Mayor in November 2022. She is the fourth person to be elected by the voters to serve as the Mayor of Camden.  Mayor Young supports the recruitment of new business, the continued growth of established businesses, and the revitalization of Camden’s commercial areas. 

Charlotte Young, Mayor
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206 Van Buren St. NE
Camden, AR 71701        


Mayor Charlotte Young

City Council

The Mayor presides over Board Meetings and votes on matters to prevent a tie. The Mayor also has veto power; however, the Board may override the veto with a 2/3’s majority.

Eight Board members (Aldermen) determine all matters of policy affecting your city government.

ORDINANCE – As the local Legislative Body, the City Board develops and enacts laws to serve the citizens of the community. Ordinances are actions by the Board which have the force of law.

RESOLUTION – When the Board wishes to set forth an official position on any matter, a Resolution is adopted.

VOTING – Except in the few extraordinary matters specifically set forth by law, only a simple majority vote of the Board is required to act on any matter.  In case of a vote on a proposed ordinance a roll call of all members is required.  In other cases a voice vote is usually conducted.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings on the second Tuesday of the month, 7:00 p.m., Council Chamber of the Municipal Building.


Members are elected for 2-year terms.

City Council Members

Not sure who represents you? Click here for a map.

Ward 1
Ed Winters
L.E. Lindsey

Ward 2
Lawrance “Joe” Askew
William McCoy

Ward 3
Marvin Moore
Ebony Gulley

Ward 4
Gerald Castleberry
Chris Aregood